04 Nov 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DAVID DEUTSCH (British physicist who pioneered the field of quantum computation)

DAVID DEUTSCH, the award-winning British physicist who pioneered the field of quantum computation, laid the foundations of the quantum theory of computation, specified an algorithm designed to run on a quantum computer, formulated the theory of quantum logic gates and quantum computational networks, discovered the first quantum error-correction scheme, and several fundamental quantum universality results. He has set the agenda for worldwide research efforts in this new, interdisciplinary field, made progress in understanding its philosophical implications (via a variant of the many-universes interpretation) and made it comprehensible to the general public, notably in his books The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity…

Syl R. Martin 0
23 Oct 2014

The Participative Power of Perception

The field of Psychiatry carries with it a world filled with an ever-increasing number of challenges when it comes to providing the necessary guidance required in assisting any one individual diagnosed with a mental illness. It can become even more so difficult, not only for this population of focus, but