21 Oct 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ROME SIMS (Alt-Science Fiction Author Extraordinaire : Inside Awake)

Inside Awake, the debut novel by author ROME SIMS, will surprise you with its cinematographic feel, with its wealth of alt-science and psychological ideas, its suspense, its action and the depth to its main characters. A buffet of plots where politics, science-fiction, technology, philosophy, love and adventure all mix beautifully to deliver a menu a la carte, a haute cuisine of thrills, that is definitely food for thought. A five star rating at Goodreads, currently Amazon is running out of stock, so grab the chance to get your copy. Seriously, there’s one copy left as of now. Rome Sims is working on his awaited second novel and lives in San Diego, California, from where he’s kindly offered us this very powerful exclusive interview.

18 Oct 2014


Generations after generations, human beings have asked themselves this question: are we alone in this vast universe?

Whilst not factual evidence has been officially validated, a staggering amount of the planet population believe wholeheartedly in the existence of alien life. Literally thousands of people all over the world state, despite the mockery that they may face from their peers, to have seen a U.F.O (Unidentified Flying Object) of alien origin, and many even swear to have been abducted by species from other planets…

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