The field of Psychiatry carries with it a world filled with an ever-increasing number of challenges when it comes to providing the necessary guidance required in assisting any one individual diagnosed with a mental illness. It can become even more so difficult, not only for this population of focus, but even more so for the healthcare community of doctors, therapists, social workers, case managers, and for nurses, themselves, who have been working so passionately to assist in humanity’s plight for peace, clarity, and calm within our every day-to-day lives. This can be very difficult at the same time when social stigma, labels, assumptions, and predisposed judgements are all considerably involved within the process of emotional recovery and in healing when it comes to Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression.

Taking responsibility is the first step to any process of change that could potentially lead to one’s desired happiness, but perception means everything. It is crucial. It is the one determining factor that can mean the ultimate path to legitimate recovery or in a discouraging stalemate to the challenging chess game of life. Perception is reality. It is truly the one thing from within our lives that we can legitimately control.


It is almost impossible to control the actions of others or even manipulate the flow of how things can fluently pan out within our environments from amidst the so-called unpredictable landscape. Control, within the same notion, is often the one main concern that leads to emotional strife if we are unable to hopelessly coral and domesticate this, often at times, illusive and misleading expectation. The only control that we truly possess lies from within the choices that we make in how we are to observe the people around us (through non-judgement), our environments (externally through emotional non-reaction) and in ourselves (from the calm within).

Many of the remarkable discoveries acquired from Quantum Mechanics are obtained at the unseen, the minuscule, and subatomic level where neither of the five known senses are able to successfully assess and observe from the traditional view of things. Their discoveries have found that a system acts independently within itself, until it is physically observed by the viewer which is you, the observer. Traditionally, this phenomenon has been referred to as “The Observer Effect.” There is power from what cannot be seen.

How are we to know that we possess the tools to create an existence into a desired reality unless we are entirely aware that we do, in fact, possess such a tool? Let alone believe from within our psyche or belief system, that it is indeed a legitimate application that can be utilized as one particular approach to the common dilemmas and even to the more extreme stressors of our lives. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so, unless we have evolved consciously to the next higher state of awareness through self-education, beyond the traditional sense of things. The premise of this article is based upon the notion that we, as human beings, can entirely empower ourselves in guiding the direction of our lives through the Power of Perceptual Modification.


From what can be observed in view to what can be perceived from interpretation, we often make our assessments of life based upon a dualistic nature of things. Duality plays a large and considerable role in how things are perceived and interpreted. Why are things considered Right and Wrong? Black or White? Tall and short? Up or Down? Good and Bad? Left or Right? Healthy and Sick?

We must “uni-polarize” our thoughts from this duality of things through lessened labeling, judgement, and name-calling directed to ourselves or to others. By utilizing adjectives to describe the nature of a demoralizing act, the denigrating nature or behavior exerted by a specific person, or perhaps even with the negative connotation of a less inspiring situation, emphasis upon the negative energies placed upon a person, place, or thing only empowers the strength of its potency. We give the negativity its life. We subconsciously heighten its demoralizing nature through worry and anxiety-ridden woe which leads to furthering depression and constant grief.

So how shall one or the other, exposed to either the minor and/or to the most severe stressors in life, begin the very journey to perceptual modification? Well, one must begin through the stages of mindfulness, an awareness (first of all) that sends him or her to higher levels of consciousness where one shall acknowledge the fact that change is not only desired within their lives, but required within the process of their healing. And sometimes this acknowledgement of change is a rather destructive process of transitioning where one’s habitual and seemingly illusive approach to all things in life is observed and tested to the point where the ego’s defensive mechanisms are triggered and challenged. The key lies from within our current state of awareness, in whether we choose to either focus our attention or inner light towards the limitations of the ego or into the limitlessness of the inner makings of our hearts.

The choice is up to you.



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