As we, as an evolving species, have concluded another year of creation, another trend of new beginnings has come, from around the bend, to take its place – another new cycle of potentialities and possibilities. But as every year we wish to gather an abundance of goodness, love, prosperity and opportunity, on the other hand, attachments, in the form of fear, anxiety, anger, and worry, can often take us to an unrelenting state of stagnation. And the encompassing of said energies, either consciously or subconsciously assumed, can usually take the enigmatic form of karmic restraints. Such constraints can often become a bewildering and unrelenting obstacle as high as a mountain when we should find ourselves within the traps of our own inability to release. Anger and hatred are often the strongest of these fears when it comes down to the most beleaguering of blockages found within the angst of “unforgiveness.”

Often the conscious urge to latch onto these attachments can be so overwhelmingly deep-seated that we can actually become unaware that such underlying attachments do, indeed, exist. According to Dianne Collins, author of her paradigm-shifting book, entitled, Do You Quantum Think: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, she describes four aspects of knowing. And the one particular aspect of knowing to which pertains this level of unconscionable understanding of the proverbial chains of bondage, which can potentially tie us down heavily within the walls of its own-self-imprisoning nature, is the first level aspect of “unawareness.”

In order to evolve through the many stages and within the other multifaceted diversions and pit-stops in life, individually, we are required to becoming more mindful of our consciousness and our perceptions. By simply responding to the variable amounts of stimuli through the immediacy of a response based upon automaticity, we can literally live our lives in “auto-pilot”, whilst persistently and repetitively responding to negative stimuli with the negative cycle of negative responses. And we often do so with extreme and unadulterated unawareness.


This is often the case when we respond to the world in an ego-centered and ego-driven type of approach – in either how we perceive ourselves, in how we view the world, or in how we interpret that the world sees us individually. Often from this approach, when we are pummeled and bombarded by life’s events, which can seem to collect and stack up upon each other with every single bit of dramatic punch that seems to meet us along the pass, our life circumstances can become extremely complex, difficult, and challenging. We easily lose focus. We no longer find the joy within even a single moment within the day. We become angry. We become depressed. We worry. We essentially change our navigational settings to this disempowering approach of so-called “auto-pilot.”

So, here lies the question: How can we, as human beings, become successfully able to snap out of this robotic state of egocentric conditioning? Well, I’ve mentioned this many times through either my previous writings or in prior conversations with many of my wonderful guests at my radio talk show: the key lies in our perceptions. Furthermore, I have spoken very passionately about the importance of the “sacred heart” as an approach to centering our attention, awareness, and our inner most positive light towards the power that we ultimately possess to acknowledge the significance of a heart-centered level of consciousness. And as it pertains to this topic of discussion – in how we are to get rid of the clutter from within our lives – FORGIVENESS becomes a tool that can be utilized to bring our awareness back to homeostasis.


Forgiveness is a form of resiliency. It is the armor and shielding of resilience, which always proves itself to being of much greater benefit as it focuses our light upon the process of the evolution of self. According to Eckart Tolle, when speaking in terms either philosophical, spiritual, or scientific, what we resist with utmost and complete vigor, in unforgiveness, shall come to resist our efforts ten-fold in return. From within the same notion, have you often experienced times in your life when you find yourself within the trap of “trying too hard” to achieve anything, in either the most positive or the most negative of light? But when we are most able to synchronistically release that blockage of consistent persistence in the perpetual drive to accomplishing a goal, from within the energies of frustration that can often take our wind mid-flight, we can often find that what we had desired to obtain, either physically or emotionally, comes to us easily and magically without resistance. It is simply a paradox. And when we acknowledge the many differing levels of paradox within our lives, we find that, from out of all of the complexity that we strive for, we gain instead in strength when we shift our focus toward simplicity.

And when we do that, when we get rid of the clutter, we can essentially leave space for other levels of abundance within our awareness. And just to reiterate, once again, the importance of abundance – we must always be mindful of what type of abundance we decide to encompass within our lives. Do we choose the abundance of Fear, of Worry, and of Anxiety, or, rather, shall we choose the abundance of Love, of Prosperity, and of Forgiveness? Life has a way to provide us with exactly what we desire, so we must be careful and succinct with the words and intentions we choose. Our words are essentially the initial sparks of the creative process of change… of transformation… of transmutation.

According to Quantum Theory, when we wipe our slate clean from all the negativity (the clutter) that we can accumulate, consciously and subconsciously, the creative process begins to manifest. We invite in then the strength of clarity. We posses more of that valuable space within our conciousness for other means of focus, and an awareness for the gathering of energies meant for a desired presence of manifestation. And when we do so, we must always be mindful that we stay within the heart. We must forgive ourselves. We must forgive the process. We must forgive all other parties involved, and, in that, we must also be mindful that we are well worthy of receipt – that we are, in fact, a consciousness with an open hand to receive Love. We are all well worthy of such blessing. Give yourself the very gift of Forgiveness this year.

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