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SANANDA MAITREYA: Critics are like stoplights, traffic lights. Regardless of whether ALL YOU CATCH IS RED LIGHTS, you are still bound towards reaching your destination. To never catch a green light can be frustrating, unless by grace you have something important enough to keep your attention away from trivial things while stopped at the red light. Good news is, I am not on the main road anymore, and where I am, there are as of yet no traffic lights. No one can be a tougher critic of my work than myself. I am a major fan and absorber of music for 48 years of life and feel at this point fairly confident in my own taste. I do not worry about OBJECTIVITY, for the simple reason that I am not making ‘objective art’. I make music to move my spirit on, and assume, within reason that if it touches my soul, it may, just may touch someone else’s. Since we no longer have to sleep with corporate accountants in my bed, I am not moved by numbers, but by the facts as they must be, coming through me. I have learned from critics in the past, but learned to avoid reading ANYTHING written about me or my close friends, many many years ago. Also bear in mind, that almost nowhere are there objective critics.

Almost ALL criticism is socio-political. It matters not if the work is great IF THEY FEEL THAT YOU ARE STEEPING OVER A LINE that their minds and systems have already drawn, THEY WILL SLAP YOUR SILLY ASS UP, period. Are you a probable threat to their ICONOGRAPHY? ‘Then smash this motherfucker, and now’. If you wish to have your mind destroyed, a mind carefully built up over time and circumstance, then read criticism. If however, you have not much of a mind, nor much confidence in the one you do have, then PERHAPS THEY ARE DOING YOU A FAVOR IN TEARING IT DOWN and taking it away. A mind is only a terrible thing to waste if there IS something there to waste. Once your mind is made up and oriented towards ITS STAR, listen to nothing or no one but the guiding light, which a VISION is by definition. And be afraid to tell no one to go and fuck themselves. Your vision of the world is just as valid as any other noisy and preposterous fool. Join the list of them and BE HAPPY at all costs.

WONDERLANCER: If each of your released albums represented a predominant feeling, from your debut album to “Nigor Mortis”, what emotional spectrum would result?

SANANDA MAITREYA: The Miami Dolphins between 1970-1973. Those colors would be turquoise, orange and white if not mistaken. It also represents the ascent out of the shadow of the past, or symbolically if you will, ORPHEUS’ finally getting his girl and getting the hell out of Hades.

WONDERLANCER: “The Sphinx”: What inspiring forces drove it and what is its overall message?

SANANDA MAITREYA: Read the blogs concerning the ZOOATHALON: sanandamaitreya.com/the_sphinx .
The animal stories are the archetypal antecedent or parallel to the music, more of which arrives quite excitedly and very soon! The overall message cannot be simpler. We always try, if we can get away with it, to sprinkle a little hubris on top of what inspires us. It attracts arrows. I have grown to accept that by nature and karma, I will attract a few arrows. Arrows attract interest and interest attracts yield. It also attracts yeast, so do be careful! The Zooathalon is a living dimensional reality, albeit a reality which mostly takes place in what we would now describe as more ‘middle earth’.

WONDERLANCER: Your label was one of the first that offered, through its official website, free mp3 tunes, single tracks and whole album mp3 downloads and other digital goodies, as well as tasters (chapters) of your musical works, before releasing them in full. What has the internet meant to you at a professional level and what does it mean at a personal level?


SANANDA MAITREYA: On both levels it simply means A WHOLE LOT LESS BULLSHIT to wade through simply to get to your own mind, period. I have always been attuned to work and working. I am old school in that I trust that work is good for the soul which is fulfillment. That having good preoccupations keeps us safer from the more dangerous or suffocating monotonous ones. Nothing is more important to me as an artist than the work. To be able to give voice and space to the creations and ideas which magnetize to me means everything. I feel strongly that many of my past heroes would have LOVED to be in such a predicament, to rid themselves of the dandruff of mediocre expectation and its apologists, of total predictability and allow themselves to engage more directly with people of like mind and sensibility.

WONDERLANCER: When and where do you think we’ll be able to see you live? Are The Nudge Nudge the band that you normally tour with?

SANANDA MAITREYA: The Nudge are my loyal and faithful live posse, yes. A trio is always a tricky thing, it works or it doesn’t and I love the chemistry we have developed and the musical language we have shared. There are as of yet a real politic that keeps me from your shores as I am now and concerning what I bring. The system has a real hard time absorbing me, (though not in taking from me) so naturally I have a hard time absorbing them. There has also been clandestine campaigning against my rights elsewhere as it pertains to your country and so am reluctant to go anywhere where I need to go through a load of bullshit. Upon correct receipt of timing, I am content to play where the excitement is based on PMR. I’ve nothing left in my tank for the past prior to the new life and process which has gotten and sustained me this far. I love the work of PMR, have waited my entire life to pursue it, have paid in blood many times over for it and loss not a few coins as a result. They have already killed more than a few of my contemporaries, whether it took destroying their minds or their bodies. I’ll be damned if those sulphur breathing dragons are going to drag me back there and attack and ridicule my spirit. Been there, done that, lost a life and a good one to it, and am now working on the book.

Unless of course I can manage to condense it into a really good T-Shirt. We artists come and go, but good merchandising lives on! Mind you we are proud of what history we may have left in the wake of the pursuit of our dream to create a newer expression more suited to my mind and not just my ‘profile’. But it belongs to time now, to Sony and their octopus like existence. For me, they are but a few memories we still remember, though vaguely and much as if it had happened to someone else that I were close to.

WONDERLANCER: Again, it’s been a pleasure have you participating in this interview, Sananda. All the best to you and your family from this team.

SANANDA MAITREYA: Much thanks to you. I hope that it makes some space for itself in your heart. I hope that these replies are according to the template of your needs. May spirit bless you and keep you close to what matters!


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