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Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King (2015)
(Guest appearance in End Credits)
With all due respect to the other great professionals involved, this short portrays one of those rare instances in which the end credits surpass in comedic excellence (in this case) the actual main body of work. The culprit? You’ve guessed it: Sam Rockwell.

There’s a YouTube video out there, comprised of just his performance in these end credits, although it has not been extracted in full.

Robin’s Big Date (2005)

Now you know who Batman truly is. ^
I know this secret may weigh heavy on you, but, still, let’s keep it between us, ok? The fate of Gotham City, and, in fact, the entire universe, is at stake. 😉 😀

Confessions of An Obsessed Mind

Other Movies You May Want to Watch Because… Sam Rockwell.

Yes, you know who you are. Don’t be alarmed, you are not alone. In fact, if you’ve seen (or have now completed watching) all the released movies listed above, you are now AWAKEN and forming part as such, even if unbeknownst to you, of a rather large, yet ever-growing community of film lovers who just can’t get enough of Sam Rockwell’s awesomeness.

Being awaken has its drawbacks, though, as you may have also noticed by now. You start dissecting every actor and actresses’ performances, wondering why they just don’t seem as natural as Sam Rockwell’s. Not only that, you’re wondering why these actors can’t simply be Sam Rockwell. And now you think about it, why on Earth didn’t anyone think of offering a role to Sam Rockwell in all those other favorite movies of yours? You can’t shake the feeling that they would have been a thousand times better. You’ve replaced those movies with movies starred by Sam Rockwell at this very second. And what now?! You’re wondering, pacing up and down, or fidgeting in front of your computer. The irrational anger and frustration you are feeling at this time has been shared by many, believe me. You’re suffering an acute case of Sam Rockwell Withdrawal Syndrome, whereby you just can’t wait for the cinema release of another movie starring/co-starring, or having enough some Sam Rockwell dose in them, and so need to watch his masterful dance with the art of acting A.S.A.P. You’re realizing you need it in order to get you started for the day, or to be able to sleep soundly at night. Don’t worry, brother/sister, we have you covered. There are titles out there that you didn’t know had some Sam Rockwell in them. Most have him in little doses, but there are others from which you’ll be able to extract enough as to keep you going. Now, you may or may not like some of the following movies. I, (the one writing this) personally, liked some of them, others not so much, but hey, art, as mentioned in the introduction to this guide, is entirely subjective, there lies its beauty; except when it comes to the specifics of Sam Rockwell’s performances, of course. It is then that a paradox occurs, similar to that of the expansion of the Universe: Art becomes science, and science becomes art; His excellence a matter of fact, and its magnificence… ever-expanding. 😀

So, here’s the list; enjoy:


A Case of You (2013)(Supporting Role)
Comedy | Romance
The Sitter (2011)(Supporting Role)
Gentlemen Broncos (2009)(Supporting Role)
Adventure | Comedy
Piccadilly Jim (2005) (Co-Star)
Comedy | Romance
Heist (2001) (Supporting Role)
Action | Crime | Drama
A Midsummer’s Night Dream, by William Shakespeare (1999)(Supporting Role)
Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
Glory Daze (1995)(Supporting Role & Soundtrack)
Mercy (1995)(Co-Lead)
Crime | Drama | Thriller
The Search for One-Eye Jimmy (1994)(Supporting Role)
In the Soup (1992)(Supporting Role)
Comedy – Drama
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)(Supporting Role)
Action | Adventure | Comedy
Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989) (Supporting Role)
Action | Adventure | Comedy
Clownhouse (1989)(Co-Lead)


One of Sam Rockwell’s acting trademarks, apart from the obvious true acting craft, is his dance moves. These have come to form part of the living legend that he is, so much so that there are entire YouTube videos compiling them movie scene by movie scene.

When asked about his influences on such moves, he’s been heard to mention very diverse sources such as James Brown, Michael Jackson and Gene Kelly, amongst others. Yet, and as it happens with his acting, his moves have become a force in their own, a school of sorts in the domain of authenticity and unconstrained feeling, henceforth known as Sam Rockwell’s freestyle dance form.

Here’s a snippet of how he incorporates them into his professional expression, followed by his personal contribution in Aussie band Flight Facilities’ recent music video for ‘Down to Earth’, for the enjoyment of newbies, initiated and advanced freestylers alike.

Sam Rockwell’s Screen Test as Chuck Barris (Confessions of A Dangerous Mind)

2015 – Flight Facilities’ Video Clip for ‘Down to Earth’ Starring Sam Rockwell

And this is all from the Sam Rockwell Film Galaxy, at least for the time being.
Now go out there, and…

‘Be the Sam Rockwell You Want to See in The World’

(Quote coined by a fellow film lover & therefore, Sam Rockwell’s fan)

Or don’t. Do whatever you freakin’ want. You are FREE, dammit, just like Sam Rockwell is!
Once thing is certain, though: After today, you are never going to forget the name ‘SAM ROCKWELL’ 😀


Sam Rockwell’s IMDb profile >
Flight Facilities – Official website >

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