Inside Awake, the debut novel by author ROME SIMS, will surprise you with its cinematographic feel, with its wealth of alt-science and psychological ideas, its suspense, its action and the depth to its main characters.

A buffet of plots where politics, science-fiction, technology, philosophy, love and adventure all mix beautifully to deliver a menu a la carte, a haute cuisine of thrills, that is definitely food for thought.

A five star rating at Goodreads, currently Amazon is running out of stock, so grab the chance to get your copy. Seriously, there’s one copy left as of now. Rome Sims is working on his awaited second novel and lives in San Diego, California, from where he’s kindly offered us this very powerful exclusive interview.

WONDERLANCER: Rome, many thanks for participating in this interview. Writing for you was a childhood dream, and you always mention that it has not always been easy to bring this dream to fruition.

What do you think is the greatest obstacle in one’s path to turning a dear dream into reality: one’s own self-doubt, or a society in which there’s less and less time allowance for dreams to mature, since there’s an urgency to get financial results ASAP?

ROME SIMS: An excellent question. Most people who set out on the path of purpose are beset by this peculiar conundrum, which self-doubt seems to be most of a hindrance.

I believe inside each of us, resides a special gift, and thus a purpose in life which is revealed at a very, very young age. And instead of nurturing this gift, we are sent off to some educational institution where we are taught social conformity; to follow the rules, to be like everyone else; man’s foolish attempt at governing the natural order of life, as it were.

All-the-while, deep down, we know there is something different or special about us as individuals. That’s probably the main source of one’s self-doubt.

And it’s only until later on in life that we realize the ruse, where as we go through a period of rebirth or self-discovery, if you will. By then, most have lived a miserable existence making ends meet by performing some task that is neither fulfilling nor profitable. Now, nothing brings joy like doing what one was destined to do.

The struggles or the ease of accomplishing one’s dream is all part of an individual’s journey through life, in which ones struggles are just part of the natural flow of this extraordinary universe of ours.

And proof of this can be found in the heavens. Surely, stars and planets don’t just materialize into existence; no, it is a long and tedious process, and so it is with us.

The fulfillment of one’s true purpose in life along with financial rewards will come to those whose internal flame burns brightest.

It is the natural order of things.

WONDERLANCER: When reading Inside Awake the feeling is that you’re watching a thriller/action/mystery/sci-fi movie, reading a psychology book, studying several scientific subjects and living a multi-location adventure… all at once.

So, the first question is inevitable: how long did it take you to complete the necessary research as to document/inspire the wealth of facts and jargon covered in the book?

ROME SIMS: Well, thank heavens it didn’t take as long as one might imagine. I once calculated the total number of hours spent on writing the novel as roughly 4320, or about six months; with research taking up a quarter of the time or so. Fortunately, the natural sciences have always held my interest, so I was quite familiar with a majority of the theories regarding, for example, time travel. I only added a fiction writer’s interpretation of certain theories, and manipulated but not shattered several scientific facts. 

WONDERLANCER: Inside Awake describes its characters and their psyche, especially that of Doctor David Woodall with both humour and depth. How much of Rome and his own world is in the characters?

ROME SIMS: Oh, Doctor David Woodall is me, or as close to being me as any character in the book I dared commit to. But all in all, there is a part of Rome in all of his characters.

They are either individual parts of me or a manifestation of who I am not. I generally will take one of my personality traits and make it dominant in a character. In another, I may make it weaker. For instance, I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a prideful person, but I can imagine how one may think and conduct him or herself in an overly prideful manner; as was the case of Professor Harry Tanaka, who came to an end at the hands of some very nasty creatures, unfortunately.

WONDERLANCER: Ah, yes, I remember that moment in the book… 😀 You are a fan of subjects like physics, anthropology and biology, and that sure is reflected in Inside Awake. The book, in fact, also throws in notions from quantum physics and quantum mechanics. In your years of your own avid reading and studying of these subjects, which of these disciplines you think may actually hold the possibility of ever answering the essence of the greatest questions about life (what we are, where do we come from, where do we go to after death)?

ROME SIMS: Simple; quantum physics. Or to be more precise, the answer to everything, at least in this universe, lies in the mathematical equations of physics.

The universe is a numbers game. And when I say numbers, I mean everything in it can be explained by mathematics. Now, whether or not we have the mental faculties of comprehending the universe and those numbers is quite another matter, I’d say.

Here’s a little tip for the brave and noble souls trying to answer your question; What you have witnessed here on earth, also takes place in the heavens, just on a larger scale.

Simply put, if you find a perfectly square molecule in nature, then somewhere in this universe you’ll find a perfectly square planet, galaxy or other heavenly body.

The mystery of dark matter and energy; the answer lies in quantum physics, along with many other wonders yet discovered.


WONDERLANCER: There’s also a lot of action in the book, and you have such a great way of describing both static and movement details that conjures very vividly each moment in the reader’s mind. What’s been your main inspiration for your writing style when it comes to the fast-paced parts so as to not lose the descriptive power in the process?

ROME SIMS: Well, for the most part, I’ve always been an explorer; a fellow who always required an abundance of external stimuli. Consequently, I tend to see life, in all its glory, as an ever evolving play or movie, I suppose.

WONDERLANCER: Love, romance… You tap into these notions through the main character, David Woodall, and offer his experience from a perspective rooted in psychology. In your opinion, Rome, are men and women naturally psychologically different when it comes to love and life or could this difference/s be created in them by the environment, during their growth into adults?

ROME SIMS:  I believe social pressures have plenty to do with the roles of males and females in life in general. When you think about the history of the human species, when our ancestors nervously climbed from the trees, it was the strongest and fast individuals who gathered food and water. However, I’m willing to wager it was a woman who invented ways to make it more efficient. So while evolution focused its energy mostly on the physical properties of the male species, women advancement came within the brain. On an emotional level, sure, men are wired a little differently than women, but it is the emotional strength of women that has always carried prehistoric groups, clans, and tribes forward, holding society in its self together.

WONDERLANCER: Rome, we know you have a very personal goal that you’d like to achieve through your professional career as a writer… Would you be so kind as to share it with our readers/visitors?

ROME SIMS: Well, to put it simply, my goal as a writer is to create art.  To pen a perfect story as if it was being told by the greatest orator ever. A story so powerful and wonderfully written that it affects the reader psychologically, and their five human senses long after it has been read.

WONDERLANCER: What other projects are you working on or would like to work on in the near future?

ROME SIMS:  I’ve recently began work on a short story series, The Knights of Solomon, which I plan to offer exclusively to an Independent publishing house or perhaps a certain well-known periodical. Then there’s a paranormal adventure novel I completed, Butterfly 8. And of course, by popular demand, Inside Awake-The Knights of Solomon, the sequel to the first book, is well under way.

WONDERLANCER: All very exciting! Rome, it’s been a pleasure. All the best in your writing career, both Inside Awake and you as a person certainly deserve it.

ROME SIMS:  Thank you. The pleasure has been mine.

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