05 Nov 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ROBIN HOBB (Best-selling epic-fantasy author: The Soldier Son Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy, Farseer Trilogy…)

Robin Hobb is the second pen name of novelist Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden, born in California. Under her first pen name, Megan Lindholm, this popular author has produced plenty of best-selling works of contemporary fantasy, as well as science fiction. Her work is, in the words of the also widely famous author George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones): “fantasy as it ought to be written”.

04 Nov 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DAVID DEUTSCH (British physicist who pioneered the field of quantum computation)

DAVID DEUTSCH, the award-winning British physicist who pioneered the field of quantum computation, laid the foundations of the quantum theory of computation, specified an algorithm designed to run on a quantum computer, formulated the theory of quantum logic gates and quantum computational networks, discovered the first quantum error-correction scheme, and several fundamental quantum universality results. He has set the agenda for worldwide research efforts in this new, interdisciplinary field, made progress in understanding its philosophical implications (via a variant of the many-universes interpretation) and made it comprehensible to the general public, notably in his books The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity…

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21 Oct 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ROME SIMS (Alt-Science Fiction Author Extraordinaire : Inside Awake)

Inside Awake, the debut novel by author ROME SIMS, will surprise you with its cinematographic feel, with its wealth of alt-science and psychological ideas, its suspense, its action and the depth to its main characters. A buffet of plots where politics, science-fiction, technology, philosophy, love and adventure all mix beautifully to deliver a menu a la carte, a haute cuisine of thrills, that is definitely food for thought. A five star rating at Goodreads, currently Amazon is running out of stock, so grab the chance to get your copy. Seriously, there’s one copy left as of now. Rome Sims is working on his awaited second novel and lives in San Diego, California, from where he’s kindly offered us this very powerful exclusive interview.

17 Oct 2014


BEN BRIDWELL, founding member and lead singer of Band of Horses had never envisioned himself, back in his teens, as being involved in music in any way other than a fan. That, as we all know, changed after he moved to Seattle, where, with time, he started Brown Records, which released the first two Carissa’s Wierd albums.

After the split-up of Carissa’s Wierd, Matt Brooke, one of its former members and longtime friend of Bridwell, helped him to play guitar. This also encouraged Bridwell to write his own material and thus the world gained a phenomenal artist…

15 Oct 2014


It took music savvy Alan Ball in 2008, to re-discover Jace Everett´s Bad Things, which he cleverly used as the theme for the opening title sequence of HBO’s hit fantasy-vampire-drama series True Blood. Everett’s song, together with the bold and edgy art of the show’s title sequence, managed to grab, with an iron-firm grip, the attention of both fans and non-fans of the vampire genre. Without the musical ingredient, perhaps Ball would have never been able to get through the latter, and thus show them that True Blood was not just a show about vampires. It was then that rest of the world found out about Everett as a singer/songwriter treasure and Everett finally had confirmation of the fact that his music could not and would not limit itself to American borders, but would and continues reaching and capturing, together with his charismatic and authentic personality, the imagination and hearts of an international and ever-increasing legion of fans who live anywhere and everywhere from the UK to Spain, from the Scandinavian countries to Latin America, and the land and oceans in between.

13 Oct 2014

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JOHN AJVIDE LINDQVIST (Best-selling author: Let The Right One In, Harbour, Little Star, Let the Old Dreams Die…)

Regarded as ‘the Swedish Stephen King’, Lindqvist’s first novel, Let the Right One In, considered the best modern vampire novel, also generated two hugely successful films, the Swedish of the same title, for which he also wrote the screenplay, and its U.S. adaptation: Let Me In.

After the vampiric Let the Right One In, it was the turn for the zombie subject, but Handling the Undead was unlike any other novel on this familiar monster. The author, once again, surprised us with his original and intelligent perspective in a story in which spirituality, metaphysics and social discussion are intertwined with his art for inducing heart-pounding dread.

His latest novels Harbour, Little Star and the short-stories collection, where we get to find out what happened to the protagonists of Let The Right One in, and titled Let The Old Dreams Die, are yet more examples of his supreme mastery at the horror/suspense genre.