19 Dec 2016

BLADE RUNNER 1982 – 2017 * A Sci-Fi Classic with a New Chapter

Finally, guys and gals, a teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is out for all to enjoy!

Ryan Gosling joins Harrison Ford in this new chapter of the sci-fi classic, which is set to premiere October 6, 2017 in USA and UK (a day sooner in other countries and in November in Japan).

19 Apr 2016

10 TIMELESS SILVER SCREEN RELATIONSHIPS (Played with Off-the-Charts Chemistry)

If a screenplay writer or any kind of storyteller wants to captivate us for the duration of their story, one of the key elements they must incorporate into their word play is: characters we can relate to and care about.

These characters have to be flawed and in desperate need of change, especially in their relationships with each other. The reader must find these characters interesting and captivating. After that is taken care of, when a film is made, the actors in the film have to take the writer’s words and turn them into natural, real people we can see and believe. The relationships in the film have to be complicated, enthralling and real. The performers must play off of one another seamlessly in order to take us on an emotional roller coaster that will have us coming back for more…

16 Nov 2015

Best 10 Free iPhone/iPad Apps & Best 10 Free Android Apps

So many apps, so many space and time wasters… Worry not, here’s the list of the very best 10 free apps for iPhone/iPad and the very best 10 free apps for Android, the ones that have also made it to the cream of the cream of 2015, the ones you certainly must download and won’t regret it.

WhatsApp, Skyview, Citymapper, Retrica, TuneIn Radio, Yousician, Chunky Comic Reader, Find My iPhone, Dropbox, Evernote Scannable, WPS Office + PDF, Circle of 6, Periscope, Audible for Android, Pocket, Strava, Hopper, Duolingo and more.

Find out exactly how they can each help you in a variety of situations, enhance your life and/or boost your creativity.

06 Nov 2015

There Are No Races in Humanity

Most of the world population, whether they are ‘racist’ or ‘anti-racist’, perceive ‘differences in race’ as biologically real, meaning, as being the parameters that decide the classification of humans into genetically separate groups. Nothing could be further from the truth, because, over the years, geneticists, biologists and anthropologists have found compelling evidence that race, as a primary genetic divergence is biologically invalid.

There is no neurological patterning that distinguishes races from one another, nor are there patterns in muscle development and structure, digestive tracts, hand-eye coordination, or any other such measures.

Today, data show that the DNA of any two human beings is 99.9 percent identical, and we all share the same set of genes, scientifically validating the existence of a single biological human race and one origin for all human beings.

22 Oct 2015


We are all very much aware by now of how the frequency and scale of the impact of natural disasters on populated areas has been increasing in recent years.

Thus, and regardless of whether we live in a disaster-prone region or not, it is important that we gain the necessary knowledge to boost our chances of surviving them.

We have prepared a list of survival tips, organised by type of emergency, to help you survive most of them.

16 Jan 2015

The Alchemy of Forgiveness

As we, as an evolving species, have concluded another year of creation, another trend of new beginnings has come, from around the bend, to take its place – another new cycle of potentialities and possibilities. But as every year we wish to gather an abundance of goodness, love, prosperity and opportunity, on the other hand, attachments, in the form of fear, anxiety, anger, and worry, can often take us to an unrelenting state of stagnation.

23 Oct 2014

The Participative Power of Perception

The field of Psychiatry carries with it a world filled with an ever-increasing number of challenges when it comes to providing the necessary guidance required in assisting any one individual diagnosed with a mental illness. It can become even more so difficult, not only for this population of focus, but

18 Oct 2014


Generations after generations, human beings have asked themselves this question: are we alone in this vast universe?

Whilst not factual evidence has been officially validated, a staggering amount of the planet population believe wholeheartedly in the existence of alien life. Literally thousands of people all over the world state, despite the mockery that they may face from their peers, to have seen a U.F.O (Unidentified Flying Object) of alien origin, and many even swear to have been abducted by species from other planets…

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08 Oct 2014


The first time I saw David Lynch’s Eraserhead, I was not sure what to do with it. There is a guy with crazy hair who lives in a giant industrial wasteland with a blob growing in the corner of his room. He has a mutant baby with a slightly unhinged girl (I would be a little spastic, myself, if I had grown up in a pre-steam punk nightmare) and his in-laws are so bizarre that being in the same room with them on screen, makes me uncomfortable.

But, because of all that, I have seen the film more than once and have searched for others like it. There is some strange stuff we humans have created, particularly in the realm of cinema: movies that bare the questions, “who the hell made this and what is wrong with them?” If you wish to get in touch with your inner weird, here is a list of ten movies that are sure to have you scratching your head and wanting a hug…

03 Oct 2014


The fact is that not only there are employment possibilities in the sectors currently thriving but also in many of the sectors already crushed by unemployment: job generation can and should still take place.

On top of these, there is also a wealth of untapped possibilities for job creation within sectors that are now in their early days of establishing, and there are even entire sectors that could be designed and developed if only our current system allowed it or simply… changed…

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