19 Apr 2016

10 TIMELESS SILVER SCREEN RELATIONSHIPS (Played with Off-the-Charts Chemistry)

If a screenplay writer or any kind of storyteller wants to captivate us for the duration of their story, one of the key elements they must incorporate into their word play is: characters we can relate to and care about.

These characters have to be flawed and in desperate need of change, especially in their relationships with each other. The reader must find these characters interesting and captivating. After that is taken care of, when a film is made, the actors in the film have to take the writer’s words and turn them into natural, real people we can see and believe. The relationships in the film have to be complicated, enthralling and real. The performers must play off of one another seamlessly in order to take us on an emotional roller coaster that will have us coming back for more…

10 May 2015

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH BRENT LAMBERT (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Immortals, 300, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Fountain…)

Raised in the small Ottawa Valley town of Eganville, Ontario, and with an education deeply rooted in Architecture, Philosophy and Science, BRENT LAMBERT has fourteen years of experience in the motion picture industry as a top Set Designer. Along with an impressive curriculum comprised of blockbusters, Brent also worked on the visual development and design of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour (2010 – 2011)…

26 Jan 2015

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ANDY KINDLER (Bob’s Burgers, Everybody Loves Raymond, Raising Dad, Misery Loves Comedy, Last Comic Standing -Judge-…)

Generally considered to be the founding father of what we call Alternative Comedy, ANDY KINDLER is an exceptional stand-up comedian and an actor that frequently appears in well-known American sitcoms and comedy series such as Bob’s Burgers (Voice to Mort), Maron, Tosh.0, Wizards of Waverly Place, Everybody Loves Raymond, Raising Dad, and many comedy-related and variety shows for US national television…

08 Oct 2014


The first time I saw David Lynch’s Eraserhead, I was not sure what to do with it. There is a guy with crazy hair who lives in a giant industrial wasteland with a blob growing in the corner of his room. He has a mutant baby with a slightly unhinged girl (I would be a little spastic, myself, if I had grown up in a pre-steam punk nightmare) and his in-laws are so bizarre that being in the same room with them on screen, makes me uncomfortable.

But, because of all that, I have seen the film more than once and have searched for others like it. There is some strange stuff we humans have created, particularly in the realm of cinema: movies that bare the questions, “who the hell made this and what is wrong with them?” If you wish to get in touch with your inner weird, here is a list of ten movies that are sure to have you scratching your head and wanting a hug…