25 Feb 2015

THE SCIENCE OF DREAMS: An Exclusive Interview with Distinguished Prof. Deirdre L. Barrett

For as long as humanity has dreamt, we have felt a justified curiosity and fascination about the nature of our dreams: why we have them, what they mean or if even they mean anything at all, what they tells us about the nature of our own existence, whether we can control them… etc. This fascination has naturally fuelled many literary and film works, a famous one being Inception (2010) which directed our attention to some aspects of the science involved in attaining the understanding we long for.

Professor DEIRDRE L. BARRETT, author and teacher at Harvard Medical School, is widely known for her clinical work on dreams and her contributions to creativity and objective problem solving. She has interviewed many modern artists and scientists in the use of their dreams, and has documented stories that happened to subsidized Nobel laureates and MacArthur geniuses whose ideas originated in dreams. In her clinical research, she also confirms that we can learn new skills in our dreams, and find solutions to our problems, as well as through hypnosis.

13 Feb 2015


Formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby, SANANDA MAITREYA is a creator of atemporal soulful music, some of which has been included in several movie and television soundtracks, as well as numerous commercials, starting with worldwide hits such as ‘If You Let Me Stay’, ‘Wishing Well’, ‘Dance Little Sister’, ‘Sign Your Name’, ‘Rain’, ‘Seven More Days’, ‘Right Thing, Wrong Way’… as well as incredible renditions of other authors’ songs, such as ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’.

He now refers to his own kind of musical creation as POST MILLENNIUM ROCK.